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XResolver is an online tool used to get the IP Address of other computers. It is common these days and used for teasing your friends. It has some unique features and works. In this article, we will try to cover all the points of XResolver. We will explain if you want to use it and why you should use it. 

What is XResolver? 

XResolver is an online tool to access IP Addresses. You can access everyone’s IP Address because every computer with internet access has its networking IP Address available on the Network. Mostly Gamers use XResolver to find the IP Addresses of their opponents and tease them while playing. 

XResolver is not only used by gamers but also people use it to get the location of their friends and loved ones to give surprises. XResolver will provide you with an IP Address that can give you the computer’s location. You can use IP Addresses for different purposes. 

What are the features of XResolver? 

XResolver is a fantastic online tool that can be helpful in many situations. It has unique and extraordinary features. In this section, we will be discussing all the features of XResolver. You must read this article if you want to know more about XResolver. The following are the features of XResolver: 

  • IP Address 
    • XResolver is beneficial in finding the IP Address of any computer connected to the Internet. 
    • Suppose you are playing an online game. Your opponent can use your Gamertag to find your IP Address. 
    • Your IP Address is valuable for many purposes. It can manipulate the signals sent by your device to another. 
  • Anonymously 
  • XResolver does not inform the IP Address computer that we have your IP Address. 
  • You can access anyone’s IP Address without informing them. 
  • Location 
    • Anyone can use an IP Address to find the location of your device. 
    • Anyone can use the location for positive and negative purposes. 
  • Free Tool 
    • This tool is free. 
    • You do not have to buy any subscription to use XResolver 
  • No Account 
    • You do not need any account or log in. 
    • Just open the browser, search for XResolver and use it. 
  • Data Manipulation 
    • Anyone can manipulate your messages, instructions, or signals by accessing your IP Address. 
    • One can steal your data or disrupt it. 

How does XResolver work? 

Every computer on the Internet has a unique code known as IP Address. If one device sends a message to another device, then the IP Address is the one that tells you the location. IP Address is the computer number like the house number. It works the same as you are ordering something to your home address. 

You cannot secure your IP Address because it is a piece of public information. But its wrong use makes it unethical. Legally you cannot stop or argue with someone to stop digging into your IP Address because it is open information. Without IP Addresses computers cannot connect. 

Who can use XResolver? 

Anyone can use XResolver as it is free and requires no subscription. Gamers mostly use it for teasing the opponent or winning the game illegally. XResolver could get your account banned if you get caught cheating. It does not have any restrictions on anyone. Everybody can use XResolver. 

Is XResolver Safe to use? 

There are two cases. Either you are using it for the right or the wrong purpose. You do not have to worry if using it for a positive goal. Remember your IP Address is also available on the Internet. So, you should be aware of right and wrong use. It is safe to use. It does not harm your device or you. But it is not safe if you think you are safe, and others are not. 

Is XResolver legal? 

XResolver would be legal if it does get an IP Address with permission. But getting someone’s IP Address without permission is illegal and unethical. If you are doing it for fun then it is reasonable, but you should tell them after a prank. But if someone utilizes it for the wrong objective, then it is wrong. 

Which are the best alternatives to XResolver? 

The following are the best alternatives for XResolver: 

  • Xbox Booter  
  • OctoSniff  
  • PS4 Booter  
  • Lanc Remastered PSPS  
  • Console Sniffer  
  • Bootyou  
  • Websolver  
  • Ipify  
  • XMyIP  
  • WhoisXMLAPI  
  • MaxMind  
  • Whoisology  
  • IPData  
  • IPTracer  


XResolver is an online tool to find IP Addresses anonymously. Mostly, gamers use it to tease their opponents and friends. It has both negative and positive purposes. In this article, I have covered all the topics of XResolver. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Please let us know in the comment box. Correct us if we are wrong at any point. 

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