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WPit18 is a sport where roasters fight with roasters in a pit. It is a blood sport for animals and birds. These animals and beasts fighting sports have been in action for hundreds of years and benefit thousands of people every day. It may or may not be legal in your country, but it is a traditional game in many countries, such as the Philippines. 

Description of WPit18 

WPit18 stands for World of Pit. It is a combat between two roasters that could lead to the slaying of one animal during the fight and injuries to the other. In this game, a participant can have over one roaster according to each tournament. The reason for multiple roasters is that one cannot all the fights due to many injuries. You must have your roasters ready to take part in the WPit18 tournament. 


One of the main reasons for this game’s popularity is brutality. As you know, nobody can organize bloodshed games between men and women. Still, many people love to watch these bloodshed games. There are a lot of places where people organize this tournament illegally. You must visit animal and cockfighting pits to enjoy bloodshed sports. In these games, one roaster can get killed or severely injured while fighting another.  

Winning Criteria 

As we see in boxing or other wrestling sports, one must accept his loss or reach the criteria to lose. But in WPit18 cockfighting games, a roaster or a participant wins when one roaster gets killed during combat. Or the owner stops the fight concerning its roaster. We know roasters do not have such capability to accept the loss or leave the ring. And they will fight to their death. So, the owner has the authority to stop the fight. 

Source of Income 

Along with other reasons, gambling is one of the main reasons for WPit18’s popularity. It is a source of income for thousands of people every day. The organizers earn money by placing fees for participants and the audience of the tournament. The participants make money by winning the games and the contest. And free people place bets and wages on their favorite cocks to earn money. It is a circle to earn money for thousands of people via just gambling on their favorite roasters. 


The most important and frequent question asked is the legitimacy of WPit18 sport. WPit18 may or may not be legal in your country. But most countries allow this game. The Philippines is a country that promotes such bloodshed games and gambling. Some say the Philippines is the only place to earn money via cockfighting and gambling. If WPit18 tournaments or animal blood sports are not allowed in your region, then you can travel to a legal area for such fights. 

Perfect Roaster 

You must have a perfect fighting roaster to win a fight. There are thousands of species of cocks and roasters. But you must buy or breed a fierce cock for your match. These species are inherently strong and super agile. Additionally, people have reproduced the combination of the best species to make them strong and long-lasting. The gamecocks, game birds, and game fowls are the perfect roasters for fighting pits that can lead to your success. 


As players must train before fighting, roasters should be ready before fighting. You can get your roaster ready or hire a trainer for training. It could take months and years to train a perfect roaster. That will still get hurt in the pit. The ideal time to ready a roaster is between 6-to-18 months (about one and a half years). I recommend hiring a trainer for your roasters if you do not know roasters and their fighting. 


The audience and other people are safe during the fight, but roasters are not safe in that killing pit. Sometimes, the roasters have blades on their feathers to make it more blood sport. You are safe if you are watching and taking part in the game. But your roaster is not safe in that pit. It could be killed or hurt severely. 

Procedure to Take Part in Game 

To take part, you must get yourself registered first. You do not have to visit because you can enlist while sitting at home. You can register through the website WPit18. This link will redirect you to WPC2029. You must contact the website service and register yourself. After registration, the organizer will tell you the time and venue of the match. 


WPit18 is a cockfight tournament held in different countries legally. Everyone can take part by registering themselves on a website. You can place bets on your favorite roasters to earn money. In this article, we have covered all the topics regarding the WPit18 tournament. Hopefully, you liked it. Let us know your remarks in the comment box below. 

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